Virus check and removal
Want to protect your computer from viral attacks? Or suspect your computer may already have a virus? At Nerd Central we help clean and protect your computer from current and future viral threats. What's included?

Experiencing problems with your computer? Here at Nerd Central, we've seen it all. We will diagnose the problem, then repair &optimise your computer. A NO FIX NO FEE guarantee on all repairs. What's included?

Memory (RAM) upgrade
Is your computer struggling to keep up with your demands? Need RAM or running out of storage space? Give your computer a performance boost with an upgrade! What's included?

Hardware install/upgrade
Want to add new hardware to your PC. Nerd Central can help install or upgrade your existing hardware to ensure you get the best components for a more efficient IT experience. What's included?

Repair an existing network
Is your network not functioning? Suspect it may be broken or in need of a repair? What's included?

Setup a network
Looking to set up a network? Want to enjoy cable free freedom? At Nerd Central, we have your networking needs sorted. What's included?

Add a device to an existing network
Nerd Central can help you to maintain your network! What's included?

Install security software
Want to set up parental controls? Or set up secure separate home user accounts? At Nerd Central, we have all your security issues covered. What's included?

Install a firewall
Don't allow outsiders to access your computer. Surf the web safely with the protection of a firewall. What's included?

Parental controls
Looking to safeguard or prevent your children from accessing adult-orientated or explicit information? What's included?

Software installs
Need software installed on your PC, we can quote, deliver and install! What's included?

Computer optimisation
Get the most out of your computer and find out how some simple optimisations can make a huge difference What's included?

Data backup <9.4GB
At Nerd Central, we love a challenge. If your issue doesn't fit into one fo the above categories, call us anyway to see if we can help. What's included?

Unlimited data backup
How valuable are your important documents, memories in the form of digital pictures and video? What's included?

Automated backup
Don't be caught out without a system back up! We set up one-off and automated backups to protect your important data and family snaps. What's included?

NO FIX NO FEE Nerd Central offers you a NO FIX NO FEE guarantee. If we can't provide a solution to your problem, we won't charge you for our services!*

* In certain cases, the solution may require you to replace or upgrade your software or hardware. If we advise you this solution and you choose not to implement it, you as the customer acknowledge that we have upheld our commitment to you in providing a solution, despite your choice not to go ahead with the service.

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